IT Essentials 7.0 Chapter 1 – 9 Skills Assessment Exam Answers

Chapter 1 -9 Skills Assessment Answers Full 100%

IT Essentials v7 & v8.0 220-1001 Skills Assessment (Instructor Version)

Instructor Note: Red font color or gray highlights indicate text that appears in the Instructor copy only.


IT Essentials 7.0 Chapter 1 -9 Skills Assessment

IT Essentials 7.0 & 8.0 Chapter 1 -9 Skills Assessment

Background / Scenario

You will disassemble / assemble a computer, install an OS and add this new computer onto a network and install the network printer. You will also install a Linux VM.

Required Resources

  • A lab computer to take apart and rebuild
  • Windows 10 ISO, Linux ISO, Packet Tracer and Oracle VirtualBox executables

Instructor Note: This Skills Assessment (SA) was designed with flexibility in mind. Depending on the needs of the classroom, you can choose the number of tasks or the order of the tasks that will be performed in this SA.

Some suggested ways to organize this SA for students:

  • SA A: Tasks 1 – 5
  • SA B: Tasks 3 – 5, then Tasks 1 -2
  • SA C: Tasks 3 – 5: assumption: The lab PC has been assembled already.
  • SA D: Tasks 4 – 5: assumption. The Windows OS is already installed on the lab PC.


Task 1: Disassemble a Computer

Introduction to Personal Computer Hardware: Lab – Disassemble a Computer

Instructor Note: This is a suggested list. Depending on the motherboard, the NIC and the video adapter may be built into the motherboard, and cannot be removed.

In this part, you will remove the following hardware components listed in the table using the proper safety procedures. If the components cannot be removed from the case, you will need to be able identify them. Your Instructor will verify that you have removed the correct hardware components and can identify the listed components and their uses.

Points for safety procedure: _____ (5 points)

Hardware Removed Identified / Uses Points
Hard drive / Optical drive Yes Yes 1
NIC / Wireless NIC Yes Yes 1
RAM Yes Yes 1
Power supply Yes Yes 1
CPU / Heat-sink Yes Yes 1
Case fans Yes Yes 1
Video adapter Yes Yes 1
Internal cables Yes Yes 1
External cables Yes Yes 1
Motherboard Yes Yes 1

Instructor Sign-Off Task 1: __________

Points: __________ of 15

Task 2: Reassemble the Computer and Troubleshooting

PC Assembly:

Instructor Note: Incorrect parts or cables can be provided to the students so they must troubleshoot and identify a solution.

In this task, you will reassemble the computer so it can be powered on.

Hardware Assembled Issues encountered Points
Hard drive / Optical drive Yes Yes 1
NIC / Wireless NIC Yes Yes 1
RAM Yes Yes 1
Power supply Yes Yes 1
CPU / Heat-sink Yes Yes 1
Case fans Yes Yes 1
Video adapter Yes Yes 1
Internal cables Yes Yes 1
External cables Yes Yes 1
Motherboard Yes Yes 1
What are the 5 basic troubleshooting steps for a computer?
Answer in the box to the right.
1- Identify the problem
2- Determine the probable cause
3- Establish a plan to resolve the problem and implement the solution
4- Verify the system functionality and implement preventative measures
5- Document findings, actions, and outcomes
1- Problem: Computer stuck in a reboot loop
Cause/solution: RAM was installed in the wrong slot/install ram in the right slot

2- Problem: Computer not booting up
Cause/solution: Front panel connectors (JFP1) misconnected/Properly connect front panel header

3- Problem: Computer POST but no OS is loading up
Cause/solution: HDD not working/replace HDD


Instructor Sign-Off Task 2: __________

Points: __________ of 10

Task 3: Configure the BIOS / UEFI and Install Windows 10

Advanced Computer Hardware:

Instructor Note: A Windows ISO image should be provided to the students. It can be on a DVD or USB. Prior to the start of this task, change the BIOS / UEFI settings to boot from the hard drive first.

In this task, you will configure the BIOS / UEFI so an OS can be installed from a DVD or USB. The Instructor will provide you a Windows ISO image to install Windows on the PC.

  • Configure the BIOS or UEFI to read the ISO image on a DVD or USB as directed by the Instructor.
  • Install Windows: User account info: ITEadmin / ITEpassword
  • Boot into Windows

Instructor Sign-Off Task 3: __________

Points: __________ of 10

Task 4: Networking

Instructor Note: The students will need an assigned subset for DHCP when configuring their SOHO routers. For those classrooms with more time, an IP address pool could be configured on the router with specific addressing information provided for students to use when configuring the PC connection information.

Your Instructor will provide you with an assigned subset for DHCP.

Configuration Item or Task Specification Points
Configure SOHO router wired/wireless connection using DHCP

Change the default admin password: ITEadmin / ITEpassword

Configure the PC to join a local network wirelessly 2
Connect a mobile device to the network 2
Install and access a network printer. If a network printer is not available, a local printer can be used to print a test page 2

Instructor Sign-Off Task 4: __________

Points: __________ of 10

Task 5: Use Third Party Software

Virtualization and Cloud Computing:

Instructor Note: Either provide a USB flash drive / DVD with Linux ISO image and Oracle VirtualBox and Packet Tracer executables or a classroom with the necessary files.

Configuration Item or Task Specification Points
Install Oracle VirtualBox 2
Create a VM using the Linux ISO image 2
Install Packet Tracer 2
With Packet Tracer, create a simple network: Add and cable these devices together: SOHO router, one generic PC (PC-PT)

  • Configure the following for the SOHO router
  • DHCP “Start IP Address”:
  • Maximum number of DHCP users: 1
  • Basic wireless settings:
    • Wireless N only
    • SSID: SBA-Your name.
    • Channel: 6
    • Enable SSID broadcasting
  • Wireless devices connected to the SOHO router: Tablets and Smartphone
  • Configure the laptop with a static IP address and connect to the SOHO router.

Verify connectivity between all devices.


Instructor Sign-Off Task 5: __________

Points: __________ of 20

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