Requirement to configure DHCP binding ( 2 options)

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Requirement to configure DHCP binding ( 2 options) 1ITExamAnswers Staff asked 6 months ago
Requirement to configure DHCP binding ( 2 options)

  • DHCP pool
  • ip address
  • Hardware address
  • other option

Explanation: An address binding is a mapping between the IP address and MAC address of a client. The IP address of a client can be assigned manually by an administrator or assigned automatically from a pool by a DHCP server. Manual bindings are IP addresses that have been manually mapped to the MAC addresses of hoststhat are found in the DHCP database.

All DHCP clients send a client identifier (DHCP option 61) in the DHCP packet. To configure manual bindings, you must enter the client-identifier DHCP pool configuration command with the appropriate hexadecimal values identifying the DHCP client. For example:

ip dhcp pool SERVER
client-identifier 01aa.bbcc.0003.00

Therefore two requirements for DHCP binding is the IP address and the hardware address (MAC address) of the client. Notice that in the above example “aabb.cc00.0300” is the MAC address of the client while prefix “01” represents the Ethernet media type.


In fact the “DHCP pool” option is also correct but two above choices are better.

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