CCNA Security v2.0 Labs Activities Instructions Answers – PT

CCNA Security 2.0 helps students develop the skills needed for entry-level network security career opportunities and prepare for the CCNA Security certification. It provides a theoretically rich, hands-on introduction to network security, in a logical sequence driven by technologies.
CCNA Security v2.0 Labs Activities Instructions Answers - PT 2
The goals of CCNA Security are as follows:
● Provide an in-depth, theoretical understanding of network security
● Provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and support network security
● Provide an experience-oriented course that employs industry-relevant instructional approaches to prepare students for entry-level jobs in the industry
● Enable students to have significant hands-on interaction with IT equipment to prepare them for certification exams and career opportunities

Upon completion of the CCNA Security course, students will be able to perform the following tasks:
● Explain network threats, mitigation techniques, and the basics of securing a network
● Secure administrative access on Cisco routers
● Secure administrative access with AAA
● Implement firewall technologies to secure the network perimeter
● Configure IPS to mitigate attacks on the network
● Describe LAN security considerations and implement endpoint and Layer 2 security features
● Describe methods for implementing data confidentiality and integrity
● Implement secure virtual private networks
● Implement an ASA firewall configuration using the CLI
● Implement an ASA firewall configuration and VPNs using ASDM
● Test network security and create a technical security policy

CCNA Security v2.0 Labs Activities Instructions Answers – PT
Chapter 2 Packet Tracer – Configure Cisco Routers for Syslog, NTP, and SSH Operations
Chapter 3 Packet Tracer – Configure AAA Authentication on Cisco Routers
Chapter 4 Packet Tracer – Configuring Extended ACLs Scenario 1 Packet Tracer – Configuring Extended ACLs Scenario 2 Packet Tracer – Configure IP ACLs to Mitigate Attacks Packet Tracer – Configuring IPv6 ACLs Packet Tracer – Configuring a Zone-Based Policy Firewall (ZPF)
Chapter 5 Packet Tracer – Configure IOS Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Using CLI
Chapter 6 Packet Tracer – Layer 2 Security Packet Tracer – Layer 2 VLAN Security
Chapter 8 Packet Tracer – Configure and Verify a Site-to-Site IPsec VPN using CLI
Chapter 9 Packet Tracer – Configuring ASA Basic Settings and Firewall Using CLI
Chapter 11 Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge