Which type of attack was achieved?

IT Questions BankCategory: CCNA CyberOpsWhich type of attack was achieved?

Use the following scenario to answer the questions. A company has just had a cybersecurity incident. The threat actor or actors appeared to have a goal of network disruption and appeared to use a common security hack tool that overwhelmed a particular server with a large amount of traffic, which rendered the server inoperable.

Which type of attack was achieved?

  • access
  • DoS
  • DDoS
  • social engineering

Explanation: A denial-of-service attack results in an interruption of service to users, devices, or applications or all three. A direct DoS attack uses zombies and bots in order to have a coordinated attack from a multitude of sources. An access attack exploit known vulnerabilities in servers. Social engineering is a specific type of access attack toward an individual in an effort to get that individual to divulge information.

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