Match the host-based security solution to the description.

IT Questions BankCategory: Network Support and SecurityMatch the host-based security solution to the description.

Match the host-based security solution to the description.

Explanation: Place the options in the following order:

Host-based firewall It runs on a device to restrict incoming and outcoming network activity for that device. It can allow or deny traffic between the device and the network.
Host intrusion detection system It is installed on a device or server to monitor suspicious activity. It can also monitor configuration information about the device held in the system registry.
Host intrusion prevention system It monitors a device for known attacks and anomalies (deviations in bandwidth, protocols, and ports) or finds red flags by assessing the protocols in packets.
Endpoint detection and response It is an integrated security solution that continuously monitors and collects data from an endpoint device. It then analyzes the data and responds to any threats it detects.
Data loss prevention The tools provide a centralized way to ensure that sensitive data is not lost, misused or accessed by unauthorized users.
Next-generation firewall It is a network security device that combines a traditional firewall with other network-device-filtering functions.

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