What IP SLA ICMP Echo measures?

Questions BankCategory: CCNAWhat IP SLA ICMP Echo measures?
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What IP SLA ICMP Echo measures?

  • Packet loss
  • Congestion
  • Hop-by-hop “something”
  • End-to-end response time

Explanation: The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Echo operation measures the end-to-end response time between two devices that use IPv4. The response time is computed by measuring the time taken between sending an ICMP Echo request message to the destination and receiving an ICMP Echo reply.

An IP SLA can be used to performs network performance monitoring, including measure the latency, packet loss, jitter and response time in the network. The example below shows how to configure an IP SLA ICMP Echo (send an ICMP request to every 300 second with a timeout of 500ms):

Device(config)#ip sla 1

Device(config-ip-sla-echo)#frequency 300 //send an ICMP
Device(config-ip-sla-echo)#timeout 500
Device(config)#ip sla schedule 1 start-time now

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