What is a characteristic of a SOHO network?

IT Questions BankCategory: CCNAWhat is a characteristic of a SOHO network?

What is a characteristic of a SOHO network?

  • A. connects each switch to every other switch in the network
  • B. enables multiple users to share a single broadband connection
  • C. provides high throughput access for 1000 or more users
  • D. includes at least three tiers of devices to provide load balancing and redundancy

Correct Answer: B

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Other case:

What is a characteristic of a SOHO network?

  • It consists of multiple LANs with backbone infrastructure connections.
  • It is a small network that connects a few computers to each other and to the internet.
  • It is a collection of interconnected private and public networks.
  • It is a large network, such as those used by corporations and schools, with hundreds or thousands of interconnected hosts.

Explanation: The SOHO network allows computers in a home office or a remote office to connect to a corporate network, or access centralized, shared resources.

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