What is an example of data in motion?

IT Questions BankCategory: IoTWhat is an example of data in motion?
What is an example of data in motion? 1ITExamAnswers Staff asked 5 months ago

What is an example of data in motion?

  • hourly weather information being collected in preparation for the next day weather forecast for a specific location
  • collecting sales and transaction records in preparation for a monthly sales report from sales consultants as they travel between customers
  • recording road traffic volumes and patterns for future highway planning
  • medical information being transmitted from an ambulance to emergency department staff as a critically ill patient is being transported to the hospital

Explanation: Data in motion is dynamic data that requires real-time processing before the data becomes obsolete. It represents the continuous interactions between people, processes, data and things. In this example the real-time medical information enables the emergency staff to be appropriately prepared before the patient arrives at the hospital.

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