Which two functions are provided by NetFlow? (Choose two.)

IT Questions BankCategory: CCNA CyberOpsWhich two functions are provided by NetFlow? (Choose two.)

Which two functions are provided by NetFlow? (Choose two.)

  • It uses artificial intelligence to detect incidents and aid in incident analysis and response.
  • It provides a complete audit trail of basic information about every IP flow forwarded on a device.
  • It provides 24×7 statistics on packets that flow through a Cisco router or multilayer switch.
  • It allows an administrator to capture real-time network traffic and analyze the entire contents of packets.
  • It presents correlated and aggregated event data in real-time monitoring and long-term summaries.

Explanation: NetFlow is a Cisco IOS technology that provides statistics and complete audit trails on TCP/IP flows on the network. Some of the capabilities of NetFlow include the following: 24×7 network and security monitoring, network planning, traffic analysis, identification of network bottlenecks, and IP accounting for billing purposes.

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