Which two terms are correctly defined? (Choose two.)

IT Questions BankCategory: CCNA 2 v5Which two terms are correctly defined? (Choose two.)

Which two terms are correctly defined? (Choose two.)

  • Internal switching rate - processing capability of a switch that quantifies how much data it can process per second
  • Port density - capability to use multiple switch ports concurrently for higher throughput data communication
  • Rack unit - number of ports that can fit in a specific switch
  • Cut-through switching - the transmission of a frame after the destination MAC address has been examined and processed
  • Modular configuration switch - only support features or options that ship with the device

Explanation: Port density is the number of ports available on a single switch. Rack unit is used to describe the switch height and is used in network rack space planning. A modular configuration switch allows great flexibility in configuration through the use of line cards in the various available chassis sizes.

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