Why is NAT not needed in IPv6?​

IT Questions BankCategory: CCNAWhy is NAT not needed in IPv6?​

Why is NAT not needed in IPv6?​

  • Because IPv6 has integrated security, there is no need to hide the IPv6 addresses of internal networks.​
  • Any host or user can get a public IPv6 network address because the number of available IPv6 addresses is extremely large.​
  • The problems that are induced by NAT applications are solved because the IPv6 header improves packet handling by intermediate routers.​
  • The end-to-end connectivity problems that are caused by NAT are solved because the number of routes increases with the number of nodes that are connected to the Internet.

Explanation:  The large number of public IPv6 addresses eliminates the need for NAT. Sites from the largest enterprises to single households can get public IPv6 network addresses. This avoids some of the NAT-induced application problems that are experienced by applications that require end-to-end connectivity.

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