Match the wireless protocol to the description.

IT Questions BankCategory: IT Essentials 8Match the wireless protocol to the description.

Match the wireless protocol to the description.

Explanation: Place the options in the following order:

A legacy WLAN standard with a maximum speed of 54 Mb/s. 802.11g
The standard that all WLAN should use when implementing new devices. 802.11ac
A wireless PAN technology that supports up to seven connected devices. Bluetooth
A technology that meets the standards for fourth generation mobile phones. LTE
A smart home standard with some open source code that uses IEEE 802.15.4. Zigbee
A cellular technology that supports speeds of up to 3 Gb/s download and 1.5 Gb/s upload. 5G
A proprietary smart home standard that can support up to 232 connected devices in the same wireless mesh network. Z-Wave
A tag and reader system can accommodate ranges from 25 meters for passive tags and up to 100 meters for active tags. RFID
A secure close proximity transaction system typically used for wireless payments. NFC

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