Which scenario is suitable for fog computing?

IT Questions BankCategory: IoT Big Data & AnalyticsWhich scenario is suitable for fog computing?

Which scenario is suitable for fog computing?

  • Multiple sensors are used to collect national climate information.
  • Sales data of a national department store are collected and analyzed.
  • Multiple motion sensors are implemented at major street intersections in a city.
  • Orders on a major online store are processed and fulfilled from multiple warehouse locations.

Explanation: Information collected at a street intersection needs immediate processing in order for officials to make decisions for quick adjustment of traffic lights. Thus fog computing should be implemented. Orders on an online store are sent to a centralized data center to process and to locate an appropriate warehouse to ship orders. This is true for collecting and analyzing sales data and national client-patterns. Climate information collected from multiple sensors distributed in a wide area usually does not need an immediate response, the information should be sent to cloud computing for aggregation and analysis.

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