Which two are functions of LISP? (Choose two.)

IT Questions BankCategory: CCNPWhich two are functions of LISP? (Choose two.)
Which two are functions of LISP? (Choose two.) 1Administrator Staff asked 3 months ago

Which two are functions of LISP? (Choose two.)

  • It is an overlay tunneling technology.
  • It performs load balancing of SD-WAN routers across vSmart controllers.
  • It is an architecture created to address routing scalability problems.
  • It provides a permanent control plane connection over a DTLS tunnel.
  • It authenticates vSmart controllers and SD-WAN routers.

Explanation: Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP) is used by Internet providers, data centers, branch networks, and campus networks to address routing scalability problems and provide an overlay tunneling technology. LIST separates IP addresses into endpoint identifiers (EID) and routing locators (RLOCs) so endpoints can roam from site to site with only the RLOC changing. An egress tunnel router (ETR), ingress tunnel router (ITR), proxy ETR, proxy ITR, or xTR, a device that is both an ETR and an ITR, are used to connect LISP and non-LISP sites in a variety of ways.

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