Module 3 – Explore Networks with Packet Tracer Quiz Answers

1. Which Packet Tracer operating system installation option requires that the person installing it knows whether the system is a 32- or 64-bit operating system?

  • Linux
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Apple iOS

Explanation: The Windows Packet Tracer download window has both a 32- and 64-bit option. Ensure the proper option is used that matches the Windows OS.

2. What is a feature of Packet Tracer?

  • It can be used to examine network data flows for a corporate network that connects to the internet.
  • It allows a functional replacement for real physical network equipment.
  • It can be used to trace a packet from source to destination using real corporate data.
  • It allows building and modeling network configurations.

Explanation: Packet Tracer is a network simulation tool to build wired and wireless networks as well as modeling device configurations within a test network environment.

3. Refer to the exhibit. Which network device is being configured within Packet Tracer?

  • laptop
  • PC
  • home wireless router
  • switch

Explanation: The exhibit shows the 2.4 GHz and multiple 5 GHz wireless networks that can be configured on a home wireless network within Packet Tracer. Each wireless network can be a unique SSID.

4. Refer to the exhibit. A user is building a home wireless network within Packet Tracer. The user adds 2 PCs and 2 laptops. Which device would be needed to create the network?

  • the device labeled A
  • the device labeled B
  • the device labeled D
  • the device labeled C

Explanation: A home wireless router is shown with the normal router icon and two wireless antennas on the back of the circle. Device B is a router used to connect LANs. Device C is a switch. Device D is a cloud used to connect to the Internet or between sites.

5. Refer to the exhibit. Which menu item would be used to bring up a web browser?

  • Programming
  • Attributes
  • Physical
  • Config
  • Desktop

Explanation: The Desktop menu item is used to access common applications and tools used to configure a device such as the IP address, command prompt, web browser, as well as other apps.

6. Which type of cable connection would be used in Packet Tracer to connect a FastEthernet port on a PC to a switch port?

  • fiber
  • straight-through
  • console
  • crossover

Explanation: A FastEthernet straight-through cable is used to connect the FastEthernet0 port on a PC to a switch port.

7. A student is creating a wired network in Packet Tracer. The student added six PCs. What other device is needed so that the PCs can communicate with one another?

  • IoT gateway
  • firewall
  • cloud
  • switch

Explanation: To create a wired local-area network in Packet Tracer, host devices such as PCs or laptops can be used in addition to a switch. Use a straight-through Ethernet cable to connect each end device to the switch.

8. Refer to the exhibit. A user is creating a wired and wireless network using Packet Tracer. The user has added a home wireless router, a PC, and a laptop. The user configures the home wireless router. Which icon represents the tool that can be used on the laptop to view the SSID and connect to the wireless router?

  • PC Wireless
  • IP Configuration
  • Web Browser
  • Command Prompt

Explanation: The PC Wireless icon represents the tool that can be used to view and connect to a specific wireless SSID that has been configured on a wireless router.

9. Refer to the exhibit. A student is working on a Packet Tracer lab that includes a home wireless router to be used for both wired and wireless devices. The router and laptop have been placed within the logical workspace. The student adds a laptop device and wants to replace the wired network card with a wireless network card. What is the first step the student should do to install the wireless card?

  • Drag the wired network card into the list on the left side.
  • Power off the laptop by clicking on the power button.
  • Select the Config tab and then the wireless network card checkbox.
  • Select the WPC300N option from the left and drag that card to the side of the laptop.

Explanation: Any time you are removing or installing devices into a PC or laptop within Packet Tracer, turn the power off. For the Packet Tracer laptop, use the Physical tab and click on the power button to the immediate right of the power cord.

10. A technician selected the GUI interface on a wireless router and added a DNS address of The technician then immediately exited the GUI interface. What will occur as a result of this configuration?

  • The technician should check the Physical tab to ensure that the wireless router is powered on.
  • Because the technician forgot to save the configuration, the DNS server address will not be sent to connected devices.
  • All connected host devices, configured with DHCP, will automatically be sent the IP address of the DNS server.
  • The technician should have used the Config tab to enter the DNS address.

Explanation: When working with a wireless device within the Packet Tracer GUI environment, scroll to the bottom and select the Save Settings option for each menu item.

11. Refer to the exhibit. Which Packet Tracer menu option would be used to change the preferences such as showing port labels in the logical workspace?

  • Edit
  • Tools
  • File
  • Extensions
  • Options

Explanation: The Options menu item allows configuration and viewing of Packet Tracer preferences, user profile information, algorithm settings, and command log.

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