1.5.5 Check Your Understanding – Identify End and Intermediary Devices Answers

1. Marjani lives on a farm several kilometers outside of Msolwa, Tanzania. Which of the following end devices is she most likely to use to connect to the internet? (Choose two.)

  • smartphone
  • network printer
  • telepresence endpoint
  • wireless tablet
  • wireless router

Explanation: In rural areas that do not have a wired telecommunications infrastructure, wireless access through a cellular service is often the only choice for internet access. Choices for Marjani include a smartphone or tablet.

2. Eilert recently got a job with a computer support services company in his hometown of Falun, Sweden. A customer has asked for someone to come connect their home network to the internet. They only have a cable modem. Which of the following intermediary devices would Eilert most likely take with him to the job?

  • multilayer switch
  • firewall appliance
  • wireless router
  • desktop computer
  • LAN switch

Explanation: Home networks typically connect to the Internet Service Provider using a modem and a router with wireless capabilities. Sometimes these two devices are combined into one device. In this scenario, Eilert will need to bring the wireless router to the customer’s home as they only have the modem.

3. Rosalía works as a community health worker in Rio Claro, Brazil. Most of her time is spent making home visits to provide primary care to people in her community. However, she requires internet access to maintain her patient records and provide videoconferencing with a doctor, when needed. What end device and media type does Rosalía most likely use? (Choose two.)

  • router
  • tablet
  • desktop computer
  • WAN media
  • LAN media
  • wireless media

Explanation: Community health workers that travel from home to home during their daily rounds depend heavily on wireless access. Therefore, Rosalía would most likely use a tablet and wireless media to connect to the internet for updating medical records and videoconferencing with other a doctor, when needed.

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