Module 14 – Connect to the Internet Quiz Answers

1. Which cloud model provides services for a specific organization or entity?

  • a community cloud
  • a public cloud
  • a hybrid cloud
  • a private cloud

Explanation: Private clouds are used to provide services and applications to a specific organization and may be set up within the private network of the organization or managed by an outside organization.

2. Which is a characteristic of a Type 1 hypervisor?​

  • best suited for consumers and not for an enterprise environment
  • installed on an existing operating system​
  • installed directly on a server​
  • does not require management console software

Explanation: Type 1 hypervisors are installed directly on a server and are known as “bare metal” solutions giving direct access to hardware resources. They also require a management console and are best suited for enterprise environments.​

3. Which term is used to describe the process of establishing a connection between any two Bluetooth devices?

  • joining
  • matching
  • pairing
  • syncing

Explanation: During the pairing process, a Bluetooth device is set to discoverable mode so as to be detected by another Bluetooth device. Also, a PIN may be requested as part of the pairing process.

4. Which technology virtualizes the network control plane and moves it to a centralized controller?​

  • cloud computing
  • IaaS
  • SDN
  • fog computing

Explanation: Networking devices operate in two planes: the data plane and the control plane. The control plane maintains Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding mechanisms using the CPU. The data plane forwards traffic flows. SDN virtualizes the control plane and moves it to a centralized network controller.​

5. What would a technician require in order to install a hypervisor on a client machine?

  • virtualization software
  • an SSD
  • multiple storage drives
  • a server housed by a cloud service provider

Explanation: A hypervisor is used to create a virtual machine (VM). The hypervisor can be part of an operating system such as Windows Hyper-V or it can be downloaded from a virtualization vendor such as VMWare or Oracle.

6. A company uses a cloud-based payroll system. Which cloud computing technology is this company using?

  • browser as a service (BaaS)
  • wireless as a service (WaaS)
  • infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • software as a service (SaaS)

Explanation: There is no such thing as BaaS. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is when key network devices such as routers and firewalls are leased from a provider. Wireless as a service (WaaS) is when a provider provides wireless connectivity at a fixed monthly cost.

7. What type of Internet connection would be best for a residence in a remote area without mobile phone coverage or wired connectivity?

  • satellite
  • dial-up
  • cellular
  • DSL

Explanation: Satellite Internet service provides the best option for a home user that would otherwise have no Internet connectivity at all. Cellular Internet is only available in areas with mobile phone coverage.

8. Which technology provides a solution for PC virtualization?

  • Terminal Services
  • hypervisor
  • RAID
  • server clustering

Explanation: Microsoft provides software, Virtual PC, which is a type of hypervisor that creates and manages virtual machines on a host computer.

9. Which statement describes a characteristic of cloud computing?

  • A business can connect directly to the Internet without the use of an ISP.
  • Investment in new infrastructure is required in order to access the cloud.
  • Applications can be accessed over the Internet through a subscription.
  • Devices can connect to the Internet through existing electrical wiring.

Explanation: Cloud computing allows users to access applications, back up and store files, and perform tasks without needing additional software or servers. Cloud users access resources through subscription-based or pay-per-use services, in real time, using nothing more than a web browser.

10. What technology enables a cell phone to be used as a hands-free device?

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • 4G
  • Yosemite

Explanation: Bluetooth provides a way to connect wireless devices, such as headsets, to a nearby mobile device. Wi-Fi and 4G provide WAN access to voice and data. Yosemite is the code name applied to a recent version of Apple OS X.

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