1.4.5 Check Your Understanding – Clients and Servers Answers

1. A computer that has software installed to provide information such as email or web pages to other devices is known as a:

  • client
  • server
  • smartphone
  • smart host

Explanation: Servers are hosts that have software installed that enable them to provide information, like email or web pages, to other hosts on the network.

2. A smartphone uses web browser software to request and display a web page. The smartphone is considered what type of computer?

  • client
  • server
  • requester
  • smart host

Explanation: Clients are computer hosts that have software installed that enable them to request and display the information obtained from the server.

3. A network where two computers are communicating with each other as both a client and as a server is known as a:

  • client-to-server network
  • client-to-client network
  • server-to-server network
  • peer-to-peer network

Explanation: A peer-to-peer network consists of two directly connected computers where both computers are able to exchange data and services with each other, acting as either a client or a server as necessary.

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