Lab – What was Taken? Answers Lab – What was Taken? (Answers)


Search for and read about a few recent occurrences of security breaches.

Background / Scenario

Security breaches occur when individuals or applications are trying to gain unauthorized access to data, applications, services, or devices. During these breaches, the attackers, whether they are insiders or not, attempt to obtain information that they could use for financial gains or other advantages. In this lab, you will explore a few security breaches to determine what was taken, what exploits were used, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Required Resources

  • PC or mobile device with Internet access

Security Breach Research

a. Use the two provided links to security breaches from different sectors to fill out the table below.

b. Search for a few additional interesting breaches and record the findings in the table below.

How many victims?
What was Taken?
What exploits were used?
How do you protect yourself?
Dec 2015 Neiman Marcus Approximately 5200 victims with their username and password stolen Other hacked websites
Use unique passwords per site
SC Magazine
Between 2009 and 2015 Centene Corp. 950,000 victims and six hard drives containing their personally identifying information information Physical access to the drives.
Use credit and health care monitoring
SC Magazine
Between 2013 and 2014 University of Virginia 1400 employees’ direct deposit banking information Phishing email scam
Do not open embedded email links, access the website by visiting the website directly
University of Virginia


After reading about the security breaches, what can you do to prevent these types of breaches?
Answers will vary. Examples: Use unique passwords, avoid opening embedded links in an email


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