Lab – IoT Related Job and Learning Opportunities Answers


The purpose of this lab is to explore job and learning opportunities in the ever-evolving world of the internet of Things.

  • Part 1: Identify three IoT related jobs that interest you.
  • Part 2: Research the available job descriptions for these positions and identify the required skill sets.
  • Part 3: Identify learning opportunities available to you to obtain these skills.
  • Part 4: Share this information with your classmates to collectively compile a listing of IoT related job and learning opportunities in your region.

Background / Scenario

The Internet of Things is growing exponentially. New technologies and applications are being developed on a regular basis and this creates an abundance of new job opportunities each with its requisite skill sets. It is important to stay current with the skills required for this evolving job market and to take advantage of the many available learning opportunities currently available.

Required Resources

  • A PC with internet access running a current web browser.

Part 1: Use a web browser to research jobs currently available in the Internet of Things.

a. Open up a web browser and navigate to the https:/google.com site.

b. Type into the search criteria “types of jobs with learning opportunities in the internet of things.”

c. You can include other relevant words, like lifelong learning or even a job title that you may be already interested in.

d. Identify and document three job designations that you are interested in.

Part 2: Determine the skill set required for each of these positions.

a. Use the Google search engine to research into the job titles that you have identified as interesting. Search for the skill sets required for these job titles. Pay special attention to skills required for multiple positions.

Part 3: Explore learning opportunities.

a. Use the Google search engine and other available resources, and research learning opportunities available within the sphere of those job titles. Document all the information gathered from this research

a. Work with your classmates to compile a listing of available IoT related jobs, required skill sets, and learning opportunities. Try to identify trends and from this information develop a personal learning plan.


Are there any patterns observable in the IoT job market?
IoT has become an enabling technology in all industries. There are jobs for IT staff with strong programming, networking, and security skills that can enhance this technology. There is also a need for a general understanding of how to best use this new technology.


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