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Imagine daily activities that would make your life easier if they were automated.

Background / Scenario

Many activities performed daily are redundant and have the potential of being automated with advances in technology. Use your imagination or search videos to help you think of activities that could be made more useful if they contained intelligent sensors.

Required Resources

  • none

Step 1:Activities to Automate

Think about your day in your home, school, or office. Are there any activities that you think would save you time if they were automated? As an example, if the smart refrigerator in your home had sensors to detect weight, it could determine that the milk carton was getting low and automatically order milk that is delivered to your home. Use the table below to list at least 5 activities and how each particular activity could be automated. If you use any videos to spark ideas for automation. List the name of the video and main URL after the table and potentially share with group members.

a. List the activities that you selected and how the activity might be automated.

Activity How would the activity be automated?
1. Turn on the lights. When you wake up in the morning, the lights in the bedroom and kitchen will automatically turn on.
2. Prepare breakfast. The previously selected menu is automatically prepared and ready at a specific time.
3. Wake up the children. If the children stay in bed after a specific time, a message is triggered. If your child is still in bed after 5 minutes, shake the bed. After another 5 minutes, the bed is gently raised to a tilted position. Taps are activated last.
4. Clothes preparation A program is consulted to know what is on the agenda that day and the appropriate clothing is chosen and placed in the room before it comes out of the rain. If necessary, shoes are shined. Matching accessories are also provided.
5. Do laundry Depending on the levels of laundry, washing is carried out and the laundry is folded.

b. List any URL and associated video title you used to spark ideas for the automation list.
Answers will vary but there is a video on YouTube called What is Automation?

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