CCNA 2 Exploration v4.0 Chapter 11 Quiz Answers

1. Which of the following statements are true regarding routing protocols that use the link-state routing algorithm? (Choose three.)

  • They are known collectively as SPF protocols.
  • They learn routes and send them to directly connected neighbors.
  • They maintain a complex database of the network topology.
  • They are based on the Dijkstra algorithm.
  • They are considered a good choice for small networks with low-end routers.

2. Match the OSPF terms on the left with the descriptions on the right by dragging the options to the appropriate target. Not all options are used.

CCNA 2 Exploration v4.0 Chapter 11 Quiz Answers 1

3. What reasons would a network administrator have for using loopback interfaces when configuring OSPF? (Choose two.)

  • Loopbacks are logical interfaces and do not go down.
  • Only loopback addresses can be used for an OSPF router ID.
  • Loopback interfaces are used to set OSPF metric.
  • The loopback address will be used as the router ID, overriding the local IP address values.
  • OSPF error checking is enabled by loopback addresses.
  • The loopback address will override the configured router priority value.

4. In which of the following types of networks will OSPF designated routers not be elected? (Choose two.)

  • point-to-point
  • point-to-multipoint
  • broadcast multiaccess
  • nonbroadcast multiaccess

5. A network administrator enters the router ospf 100 command. What is the function of the number 100 in this command?

  • autonomous system number
  • Metric
  • process ID
  • administrative distance

6. On a router running OSPF, what is the purpose of entering the bandwidth 56 command on a serial interface?

  • changes the cost value
  • functions only as a description
  • changes the throughput of the interface to 56kbps
  • is necessary for the DUAL algorithm

7. What factor does Cisco’s implementation of OSPF use to pick the best route?

  • uptime
  • reliability
  • bandwidth
  • load
  • shortest number of hops

8. Which command will allow a router to advertise default static routes via OSPF?

  • redistribute static
  • network area 0
  • default-information originate
  • Default routes are local only and cannot be advertised using OSPF.

9. During an OSPF DR/BDR election, what is used to determine the DR or BDR when participating OSPF routers have identical interface priorities?

  • the highest OSPF process ID
  • the lowest interface IP address
  • the lowest interface cost
  • the router ID

10. Which packet type is invalid for OSPF?

  • Hello
  • LRU
  • LSR
  • LSAck
  • DBD
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