DevNet Associate (Version 1.0) – Module 3 Exam Answers

Module 3: Software Development and Design Exam Answers

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DevNet Associate (Version 1.0) – DevNet Associate Module 3 Exam Answers

1. A developer issues the Linux command pip3 freeze in an activated Python 3 virtual environment. What is the function that is provided by the command?

  • to output a list of installed Python packages
  • to lock the current virtual environment
  • to prepare the environment before installing a Python package
  • to deactivate the current virtual environment

2. What are two characteristics of the Git version control system? (Choose two.)

  • It is a local vcs.
  • It is a centralized VCS.
  • It is a distributed VCS.
  • It is Microsoft proprietary.
  • It is Cisco proprietary.
  • It is open source

3. Match the Lean term with a description.
DevNet Associate (Version 1.0) - Module 3 Exam Answers 1

  • story –> a simple statement of what a user needs and why
  • Scrum team –> uses standup meetings to review progress
  • sprint –> a time-boxed period where working software is developed
  • backlog –> a prioritized list of all the features for the software being developed

4. What characteristic describes a formal code review?

  • Code is automatically sent for review by source code management systems once it is checked in.
  • The entire code base is reviewed in a series of meetings.
  • It utilizes a peer code review tool to identify code that needs retesting.
  • It provides direct interaction between the review team and the code author.

5. Which fundamental Lean principle forms the basis from which all other Lean principles flow?

  • build integrity in
  • eliminate waste
  • deliver as fast as possible
  • amplify learning

6. When a unified diff file is being reviewed, which symbol is used to indicate that a line has been added?

  • /dev/null
  • @@
  • +

7. What special characters are used to enclose JSON objects?

  • forward slash /
  • square brackets []
  • curly braces {}
  • parenthesis ()

8. What are two features of the formal code review? (Choose two.)

  • For a quicker turnaround, it involves only one reviewer
  • It involves the developer going through code with the reviewer line-by-line.
  • It promotes discussion among all of the reviewers.
  • It allows the developer to make changes on the spot.
  • It involves a review of the entire code base in a series of meetings.

9. Which statement describes the Waterfall methodology of software development?

  • Process tasks are broken up into time-boxed iterations called sprints.
  • Each step in the process must be completed before the next step starts
  • It emphasizes elimination of wasted effort and maximizes customer value.
  • Multiple steps in the process are started simultaneously.

10. What is clean code?

  • code that has no reviewer comments
  • code that has passed functional testing
  • code that is easy to read and understand
  • code that performs a discrete task

11. Match the Git command with its function.
DevNet Associate (Version 1.0) - Module 3 Exam Answers 2

  • git pull –> updates the local copy of the Git repository with the content of the remote Git repository
  • git init –> creates an empty Git repository or makes an existing folder a Git repository
  • git push –> updates the remote Git repository with the content changes from the local Git repository

12. What is the role of the view component in the Model-View-Controller (MVC) flow?

  • It accepts selected data and displays the visual representation to the user.
  • It accepts the input and applies the required rules to format the data.
  • It requests user input and manipulates it to fit the format for the model.
  • It manages the data, logic and rules of the application.

13. A developer is constructing some functions in Python. When is a function referred to as a module in Python?

  • when the function is declared during the execution of a Python program
  • when the function is initiated during the execution of a Python program
  • when the function is packaged in a single Python file
  • when the function is used for the first time

14. A student is learning Python using the interactive interpreter mode. The student issues these commands:

>>> class Uri():
... def_init__(self, host, prot):
... = host
... self.prot = prot
... self.url = self.prot + "://" +

Which command should the student use to create an object with one attribute being a valid URL?

  • >>> url2 = Url(URL, ‘http://’, ‘’)
  • >>> url2 = Url(‘http’, ‘://’, ‘’)
  • >>> url2 = Url(‘’,’http’)
  • >>> url2 = Url(‘http’, ‘’)

15. A developer issues a Linux command python3 -m venv deveny . What is the developer trying to achieve?

  • to activate the Python 3 virtual environment named deveny
  • to enter the Python 3 virtual environment named veny using the devnet tool sets
  • to install the devnet tool sets in the Python 3 virtual environment named veny
  • to create a Python 3 virtual environment named deveny

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5 months ago

6- .diff file (POINT)

6 months ago

What is the definition of a sprint in the Agile development model?

a statement of all customer requirements and specific timelines

a prioritized list of all the features for the software being developed

a time-boxed period where working software is developed

a team of people with different roles that work to accomplish the full SDLC

6 months ago

15 – python3 -m venv not veny