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DevNet Associate V1.0 – Modules Exam Answers
DevNet Associate – Module 1 Exam Answers
DevNet Associate – Module 2 Exam Answers
DevNet Associate – Module 3 Exam Answers
DevNet Associate – Module 4 Exam Answers
DevNet Associate – Module 5 Exam Answers
DevNet Associate – Module 6 Exam Answers
DevNet Associate – Module 7 Exam Answers
DevNet Associate – Module 8 Exam Answers
DevNet Associate – Practice Final Exam Answers
DevNet Associate – Final Exam Answers
DevNet Associate v1.0 Labs & Packet Tracer (Answers Version)
Packet Tracer - DevNet Associate v1.0
5.4.6 Packet Tracer - Explore a Simple Network
5.5.7 Packet Tracer - Explore Network Protocols
5.6.6 Packet Tracer - Troubleshoot Common Network Problems
8.8.2 Packet Tracer - Compare CLI and SDN Controller Network Management
8.8.3 Packet Tracer - Implement REST APIs with an SDN Controller
Labs - DevNet Associate v1.0
1.1.2 Lab - Install the Virtual Machine Lab Environment
1.2.2 Lab - Linux Review
1.3.3 Lab - Python Programming Review
2.2.7 Lab - Explore DevNet Resources
3.1.12 Lab - Explore Python Development Tools
3.3.11 Lab - Software Version Control with Git
3.4.6 Lab - Explore Python Classes
3.5.7 Lab - Create a Python Unit Test
3.6.6 Lab - Parse Different Data Types with Python
4.5.5 Lab - Explore REST APIs with API Simulator and Postman
4.9.2 Lab - Integrate a REST API in a Python Application
5.6.7 Lab - Network Troubleshooting Tools
6.2.7 Lab - Build a Sample Web App in a Docker Container
6.3.6 Lab - Build a CI-CD Pipeline Using Jenkins
6.5.10 Lab - Explore the Evolution of Password Methods
7.0.3 Lab - Install the CSR1000v VM
7.4.7 Lab - Use Ansible to Back Up and Configure a Device
7.4.8 Lab - Use Ansible to Automate Installing a Web Server
7.6.3 Lab - Automated Testing Using pyATS and Genie
8.3.5 Lab - Explore YANG Models
8.3.6 Lab - Use NETCONF to Access an IOS XE Device
8.3.7 Lab - Use RESTCONF to Access an IOS XE Device
8.6.7 Lab - Construct a Python Script to Manage Webex Teams

DevNet Associate (Version 1.0) – Final Exam Answers

1. A pharmaceutical company wants to contract the services of a cloud provider to store employee data and company-specific applications with strict access security. Which type of cloud would be the most appropriate for this scenario? community cloud public cloud hybrid cloud private cloud 2. What is a …

DevNet Associate (Version 1.0) – Module 2 Exam Answers

1. What is network programmability? the ability to easily monitor network devices using traditional network protocols the ability to program network devices using repettive manual configuration via a terminal and command sets the ability to configure, monitor, and react to events in the network in real time the …

DevNet Associate (Version 1.0) – Module 1 Exam Answers

1. A system administrator issues the apt-get upgrade command on a Linux operating system. What is the purpose of this command? Every application installed will update itself to the latest version. Operating system updates are downloaded and will be installed. The remote repository of applications and dependencies will …

DevNet Associate (Version 1.0) – Module 7 Exam Answers

DevNet Associate (Version 1.0) – DevNet Associate Module 7 Exam 1. What is the most common cause of IT outages? a threat actor targeting the enterprise equipment an experienced engineer implementing a configuration using automation an engineer misconfiguring a device or network with manual changes an experienced engineer …