1.3.4 Check Your Understanding – Bandwidth and Throughput Answers

1. The capacity of the medium to carry data is known as:

  • throughput
  • speed
  • bandwidth
  • data rate

Explanation: Bandwidth is the capacity of a medium to carry data.

2. Which of the following measurements includes any latency encountered during data transmissions?

  • throughput
  • speed
  • bandwidth
  • data rate

Explanation: The amount of data, type of data, and latency of the network combine to cause throughput to not match bandwidth.

3. Bandwidth is typically measured in:

  • total number of bytes
  • bytes per second
  • bytes per millisecond
  • total number of bits
  • bits per second
  • bits per millisecond

Explanation: Bandwidth is typically measured in the number of bits that can be sent across the media in a second.

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