1.2.5 Check Your Understanding – Data Transmission Answers

1. A basic unit of information that represents one of two discrete states is known as a:

  • bit
  • byte
  • octet
  • electrical signal

Explanation: A binary digit (bit) represents one of two discrete states, 0 or 1.

2. When using your credit card to make purchases at several places, the credit card company can use this information to learn about your location and your preferences. This type of personal data is known as:

  • secret data
  • volunteered data
  • observed data
  • inferred data

Explanation: Inferred data, such as a credit score, is based on analysis of volunteered or observed data.

3. Which of the following methods of signal transmission uses frequencies or pulses of light?

  • electrical signals
  • optical signals
  • wireless signals

Explanation: Optical signals convert electrical signals into light pulses.

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