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The purpose of this lab is to introduce the aspect of “fingerprinting” an individual using the worldwide web. The objective is to introduce various methods to extract as much information as possible using only the internet browser and various sites effectively.

  • Part 1: Obtain as much information about yourself using the Internet Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox through the use of the Google search engine.
  • Part 2: Use various sites to augment the information gathered using the Google search engine.
  • Part 3: Compare and contrast the information collected using the google search engine and the various sites stipulated.
  • Part 4: Create an internet fingerprint of yourself using all the information gathered and evaluate what information you would not want made public.

Background / Scenario

Whenever a person browses the internet, your various details like your background, politics, ethnicity, preferences, etc. are gathered by the various sites one visit. As you visit sites small “cookies” are planted into your PC in relation to the web browser and sites visited. These cookies contain small pieces of data based on your browsing patterns and sites visited. The social media sites gather a vast volume of your personal data prior to allowing you access to use the sites. All this personal information can be mined by anyone who may choose to do so. Thus browsing the internet is like leaving a sprinkling trail of cookie crumbs that will lead to a more detailed picture of yourself available to anyone searching the internet about you.

Note: Please ensure the PC is running windows 8 or 10 with access to the latest version of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The PC must have access to the internet.

Note: Please ensure windows enhanced security is turned off on the PC prior to commencing. If you are unsure please contact your instructor.

Required Resources

  • One PC running windows 8 or 10 with internet access

Note: PC must have the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox pre-installed Enhanced Internet security must be turned off on the respective PC

1: Use Mozilla Firefox to gather information about yourself

a. Open up Mozilla Firefox and navigate to the https:/google.com site.

b. Enclose the first and last name of the person you’re searching for in quotes when you enter it into the search box (like “John Smith”). In this lab the person you are gathering data on is yourself.

c. You can include other relevant words, like your profession, employer, location, or even a screen name that you may have used.

d. If the person you’re searching for is likely to appear on a particular web site—like a school—search only that site using the site: URL operator (like site:centennialcollege.com “John Smith”).

e. You can also search for people by face, search for them on Google Images to get a quick visual— especially useful for people with common names, or to determine the gender of a name you never heard before. Search all the social media sites that are exposed linked to your search.

f. Document all the information you have gathered from this search. Lab - Internet Fingerprint Answers 7 Lab - Internet Fingerprint Answers 8

Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/public/Nik-Farisya
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeQ5j3kTdbm0Y7-NsPm1AFw/channels

Step 2: Use PIPL

a. Use Free People Search Online to search internationally for additional information that the google search engine may have missed. Navigate to the pipl.com site and conduct your search.

b. Document all the information gathered from this search

Note: This step is optional because pipl is a pay site, although a free trial may be available. Lab - Internet Fingerprint Answers 9

Step 3: Use Zabbasearch

a. Zabbasearch- this is a comprehensive people search engine. http://www.zabasearch.com/. Please navigate to the site and enter your search parameters and proceed with the search. Document all the information gathered from this search. Please note that this is a US-centric site. Lab - Internet Fingerprint Answers 10

People Search Global

a. People Search Global is another site for a basic international people search platform. Please navigate to the site http://people – search – global.com/ and enter your search parameters and proceed with the search.
Document all the information gathered from this search. Lab - Internet Fingerprint Answers 11

Step 3: Use PeekYou

a. PeekYou is a very comprehensive people search site that attempts to build all the social media links the person has from one search point. Please navigate to the site https://www.peekyou.com/ and enter your search parameters and proceed with the search. Please note this is a US-centric site.

b. Document all the information gathered from this search Lab - Internet Fingerprint Answers 12


1. Compare and contrast all the data gathered in the documented tables. Which search revealed the most information?

Step Sites Findings
1. google.com Provides few sites that might contain the information of the search person
2. pipl.com Unable to be use since it is a premium services that requires to pay
3. zabasearch.com Unable to find any information or data based on location-based search
4. people-search-global.com Unable to find any related data since the site is broken and sort of abandoned as it did not provide any link or space for searching
5. peekyou.com Provide the most information by listing social media and emails based on username. It also provide list of people that are related to the name inserted.

Peekyou reveal the most information about the person compare to the others. They provide a list of social media and also a list of email that is related to the username. Hence, I think that peekyou.com is a platform that reveal the most information and data.

2. What social media sites were revealed in your searches that you were a member of?

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 

3. On reflection what data would you omit from being displayed for public knowledge and why?

The data that I would omit from public knowledge is my phone number and home addresses. This information is my privacy and should not be displayed by any other party since it could lead to the misused of information by another person that has bad intention which will lead to danger.

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