8.5.7 Check Your Understanding – Introduction to Routing Answers

1. What is the command used on a Cisco IOS router to view the routing table?

  • netstart -r
  • route print
  • show ip route
  • show routing table

Explanation: The show ip route command is used to view the routing table on a Cisco router.

2. What does a code of “O” indicate next to a route in the routing table?

  • a directly connected route
  • a route with an administrative distance of 0
  • a gateway of last resort
  • a route learned dynamically from OSPF

Explanation: Codes at the beginning of each routing table entry are used to identify the type of route or how the route was learned. A code of “O” indicates the route was learned from OSPF.

3. This type of route is also known as a gateway of last resort.

  • static route
  • remote route
  • default route
  • directly connected route

Explanation: A default route is also known as a gateway of last resort.

4. Which is a characteristic of static routes?

  • They are manually configured.
  • They are advertised to directly connected neighbors.
  • They are appropriate when there are many redundant links.
  • They automatically adjust to a change in network topology.

Explanation: Static routes are manually configured and do not adjust to changes in the network topology and are not advertised to neighboring routers.

5. True or False? A router can be configured with a combination of both static routes and a dynamic routing protocol.

  • True
  • False

Explanation: The correct answer is True. Routers can be configured with static routes and with a dynamic routing protocol.

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