1.5.11 Check Your Understanding – Verify Directly Connected Networks Answers

1. Which command will display a summary of all IPv6-enabled interfaces on a router that includes the IPv6 address and operational status?

  • show ip interface brief
  • show ipv6 route
  • show running-config interface
  • show ipv6 interface brief

Explanation: The command to view a summary of IPv6-enabled interfaces along with their IPv6 address and operational status is show ipv6 interface brief. show ip interface brief will give the same information but for IPv4. show ip route and show running-config interface will not give the information requested.

2. When verifying routes, what code is used to identify directly connected routes in the routing table?

  • C
  • D
  • L
  • R

Explanation: Directly connected routes will have a route code of “C” in the routing table. Routes with “D” indicate an EIGRP learned route. Routes with “L” indicate a local route and “R” indicates a RIP-learned route. RIP stands for Routing Information Protocol, which is one of the first routing protocols.

3. Which command will display packet flow counts, collisions, and buffer failures on an interface?

  • show interface
  • show ip interface
  • show running-config interface

Explanation: The show interface command will display lots of packet flow information such as counts, collisions, and buffer failures. The show ip interface and show running-config interface commands give a lot of information as well but not packet flow information.

4. An IPv6-enabled interface is required to have which type of address?

  • loopback
  • global unicast
  • link-local
  • static

Explanation: All IPv6-enabled interfaces are required to have at least a link-local address. If one is not manually configured, then the interface will automatically generate one.

5. What character is used to enable the filtering of commands?

  • pipe |
  • comma ,
  • colon :
  • semi colon ;

Explanation: The pipe character when used with commands enables filtering of the command output.

6. Which filtering expression will show all output lines starting from the line matching the filtering expression?

  • section
  • begin
  • include

Explanation: While all three expressions will show matching output lines, the begin expression will show all output lines starting from the line matching the filter expression. The include expression shows all output lines that match the filter expression, and the section expression includes the entire section that starts with the filter expression.

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