18.3.3 Packet Tracer – Use Cisco IOS Show Commands Answers

18.3.3 Packet Tracer – Use Cisco IOS Show Commands Answers


  • Use Cisco IOS show commands

Background / Scenario

The Cisco IOS show commands are used extensively when working with Cisco equipment. In this activity, you will use the show commands on a router located at an ISP.


Part 1:Connect to the ISP Cisco 4321 router.

In this part, you will use the terminal emulation software on ISP PC to connect to the Cisco 4321 router.

1. Click ISP PC.

2. Click Desktop tab. Select Terminal. Review the terminal configuration and click OK to continue.

3. The ISPRouter > prompt indicates that you are in user EXEC mode. Press Enter if the prompt did not display.

Part 2:Explore the show commands.

Use the information displayed by these show commands to answer the following questions.

Step 1:Explore show commands in User EXEC mode.

1. Type show ? at the prompt.

List a few more show commands that are available in the user EXEC mode.

Answers will vary. These are a few of available show commands: show cdp, show class-map, show clock

2. Enter show arp at the prompt.

Record the MAC address and the IP address listed.

Answers may vary. 0001.96CD.2501:, 000A.F3C7.5CD3:, and 0002.162C.67A7:

3. Enter show flash at the prompt.

Record the IOS image listed:


4. Enter show ip route at the prompt.

How many routes are listed in the table?


5. Enter show interfaces at the prompt.

Which interface is up and running?

Interface Status Protocol
GigabitEthernet 0/0/0 Up Up
GigabitEthernet 0/0/1 Administratively Down Down
Serial0/1/0 Down Down
Serial0/1/1 Down Down

6. Enter show ip interface at the prompt.

According to the show ip interface output, which interface is connected?


7. Enter show version at the prompt.

What technology package is enabled currently on the router?

ipbasek9 and securityk9

8. Enter show protocols at the prompt.

Which protocols are enabled currently on the router?

Internet Protocol routing is enabled. Line protocol is up for GigabitEthernet0/0/0.

9. Enter show running-config at the prompt.

What is the output?

ISPRouter> show running-config
% Invalid input detected at ‘^’ marker.
Step 2:Explore the show commands in privileged EXEC mode.

1. Enter enable at the prompt to enter the privileged EXEC mode.

List some additional show commands in this mode.

Answers will vary. Some example of the show commands are: show aaa, show access-list, show file

2. Enter show running-config at the prompt.

What is the output?

The output displays the current configurations and settings.

Download Packet Tracer (.pka) file:

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