4.2.3 Check Your Understanding – Ethernet Cabling Answers

1. A type of interference that occurs when cables are bundled together for long lengths is known as:

  • crosstalk
  • cross-interference
  • bundled-interference
  • crosscheck

Explanation: Crosstalk occurs when cables are bundled together for long lengths.

2. What type of Ethernet twisted-pair cable may be required when the electrical environment has strong EMI and RFI interference?

  • UTP
  • STP
  • fiber-optic
  • coaxial

Explanation: Shielded twisted-pair (STP) is used in electrical environments in which EMI and RFI are so strong that shielding is a requirement to make communication possible.

3. Which of the following is the most common type of connector used to terminate twisted-pair cabling?

  • RJ-10
  • RJ-11
  • RJ-41
  • RJ-45

Explanation: All categories of data grade UTP cable are traditionally terminated into an RJ-45 connector.

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