Lab – Vertical and Horizontal Markets (Answers) Lab – Vertical and Horizontal Markets (Instructor Version)


In this lab, you will demonstrate your understanding of vertical and horizontal markets.


Vertical and horizontal markets can benefit from IoT solutions. When these solutions span the breadth of an industry, a holistic approach is achieved. This creates new opportunities in the IoE and provides value to people.

In this activity, you will identify whether each solution is a solution for a horizontal market or vertical market.

Solutions Vertical Horizontal Explanation
An energy management system that automatically adjusts room temperature based on the environment and usage.
Ingestible microchips that send signals to notify the doctor that the pill was swallowed.
Electronic sensors on railroad tracks that transmit information to an operations center about track conditions and the speed of rail vehicles.
Water sprinklers that adjust to the temperature, sunlight, and soil conditions.
Sensors embedded in roadways to adjust the timing of stoplights according to traffic conditions.
A shipping management system that tracks the movement, vibration, and light exposure time of milk.
A system of sensors that track the speed and location of all the players during a sporting event.
Inventory tracking system in a grocery store that provides real-time updates to shoppers, employees, and vendors.


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