11.2.7 Check Your Understanding – Scalable Networks Answers

1. Which three recommendations may be included in a network design strategy that is focused on scalability? (Choose three.)

  • Design a hierarchical network.
  • Use Layer 2 devices to filter and reduce network traffic in the core.
  • Choose routers or multilayer switches to limit broadcasts and filter other undesirable traffic from the network.
  • Use expandable, modular equipment, or clustered devices that can be easily upgraded to increase capabilities.
  • Combine the access and distribution layer for easier access and limit the size of the failure domain.

Explanation: A hierarchical design, devices that limit broadcasts and filter traffic, and using modular equipment are all examples of scalable network design strategies.

2. True or false? OSPF is well-suited for larger networks because it can be deployed using a hierarchical design.

  • True
  • False

Explanation: The correct answer is True. Multiarea OSPF networks must have a backbone area, which is area 0.

3. What are three important features that should be considered for implementation in a well-designed, scalable network? (Choose three.)

  • static routes
  • redundant links
  • multiple links
  • access layer with only wired devices
  • expandable, modular equipment

Explanation: Scalable networks will most likely include redundant links, multiple links, and modular equipment.

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