14.5.6 Check Your Understanding – Dynamic and Static Routing Answers

1. Which type of routing automatically adapts to topology changes?

  • static routes
  • dynamic routing protocols
  • both static routes and dynamic routing protocols

Explanation: Dynamic routing protocols automatically adapt to topology changes.

2. What type of routing is typically used with a stub network?

  • static routes
  • dynamic routing protocol

Explanation: Static routes are typically used for stub networks.

3. What metric is used by OSPF to determine the best path?

  • hop count
  • cost
  • bandwidth and delay
  • decided by the network administrator

Explanation: To determine the best path, OSPF uses a cost value that is calculated based on the bandwidth.

4. What term is used to describe routing over two or more paths to a destination with equal cost metrics?

  • equal path selection
  • equal packet forward
  • equal cost load balancing
  • equal cost routing

Explanation: Equal cost load balancing is when a router has two or more paths to a destination with equal cost metrics.

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