12.3.8 Check Your Understanding – IPv6 Address Types Answers

1. What is the recommended prefix length for most IPv6 subnets?

  • /32
  • /48
  • /64
  • /128

Explanation: Most IPv6 subnets will have a prefix length of /64.

2. Which part of a GUA is assigned by the ISP?

  • Global Routing Prefix
  • Global Routing Prefix and Subnet ID
  • Prefix
  • RIR Prefix

Explanation: The global routing prefix is the part of a GUA that is assigned by an ISP.

3. Which type of IPv6 unicast address is not routable between networks?

  • unique local address
  • GUA
  • embedded IPv4 address
  • LLA

Explanation: Link-local IPv6 addresses are for link only communication and are not routable.

4. True or False: The Subnet ID field in an GUA must borrow bits from the interface ID.

  • True
  • False

Explanation: The correct answer is False. GUAs do not use a bit from the interface ID to create subnets.

5. What type of IPv6 address begins with fe80?

  • GUA
  • LLA
  • multicast address
  • None. An IPv6 address must begin with 2001

Explanation: Link-local IPv6 addresses start with the prefix fe80.

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