2.9.1 Packet Tracer – Basic Switch and End Device Configuration – Instructions Answer

2.9.1 Packet Tracer – Basic Switch and End Device Configuration Instructor Version

Addressing Table

DeviceInterfaceInterfaceSubnet Mask
VLAN 1255.255.255.0
VLAN 1255.255.255.0


  • Configure hostnames and IP addresses on two Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) switches using the command-line interface (CLI).
  • Use Cisco IOS commands to specify or limit access to the device configurations.
  • Use IOS commands to save the running configuration.
  • Configure two host devices with IP addresses.
  • Verify connectivity between the two PC end devices.


As a recently hired LAN technician, your network manager has asked you to demonstrate your ability to configure a small LAN. Your tasks include configuring initial settings on two switches using the Cisco IOS and configuring IP address parameters on host devices to provide end-to-end connectivity. You are to use two switches and two hosts/PCs on a cabled and powered network.


Configure the devices to fulfill the requirements below.


  • Use a console connection to access each switch.
  • Name _____ and _____ switches.
  • Use the _____ password for all lines.
  • Use the _____ secret password.
  • Encrypt all clear text passwords.
  • Configure an appropriate message-of-the-day (MOTD) banner.
  • Configure addressing for all devices according to the Addressing Table.
  • Save your configurations.
  • Verify connectivity between all devices.

Note: Click Check Results to see your progress. Click Reset Activity to generate a new set of requirements. If you click on this before you complete the activity, all configurations will be lost.

Download PDF & PKA file:

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