5.1.10 Check Your Understanding – Purpose of STP Answers

1. Which statement describes STP?

  • STP is a Layer 2 routing protocol.
  • STP is a Layer 3 routing protocol for Ethernet LANs.
  • STP is a Layer 2 loop prevention protocol for Ethernet LANs.
  • STP is a Layer 3 loop prevention protocol for IP networks.

Explanation: STP is used to prevent Layer 2 loops on Ethernet LANs.

2. Without STP on the Ethernet LAN, which three types of frames could cause a catastrophic loop in the network? (Choose three.)

  • Unicast
  • Unknown unicast
  • Multicast
  • Broadcast

Explanation: Without STP enabled, unknown unicast, multicast, and broadcast frames could loop endlessly on the network, causing catastrophic network failure.

3. What device is elected by the Spanning Tree Algorithm? All other switches determine a single least-cost path to this device.

  • root bridge
  • dedicated bridge
  • default gateway
  • core switch

Explanation: The STP algorithm elects a root bridge on the LAN. All other switches calculate the lowest cost path to the root bridge.

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