10.4.3 Packet Tracer – Basic Device Configuration – Instructions Answer

10.4.3 Packet Tracer – Basic Device Configuration Instructor Version


You will receive one of three possible topologies.

Addressing Table

DeviceInterfaceIP AddressDefault Gateway


  • Complete the network documentation.
  • Perform basic device configurations on a router and a switch.
  • Verify connectivity and troubleshoot any issues.


Your network manager is impressed with your performance in your job as a LAN technician. She would like you to demonstrate your ability to configure a router that connects two LANs. Your tasks include configuring basic settings on a router and a switch using the Cisco IOS. You will also configure IPv6 addresses on network devices and hosts. You will then verify the configurations by testing end-to-end connectivity. You goal is to establish connectivity between all devices.

Note: The VLAN1 interface on ______ will not be reachable over IPv6.

In this activity you will configure the ______ router, ______ switch, and the PC hosts.

Note: Packet Tracer will not score some configured values, however these values are required to accomplish full connectivity in the network.


  • Provide the missing information in the Addressing Table.
  • Name the router ______ and the second switch ______. You will not be able to access the ______switch.
  • Use cisco as the user EXEC password for all lines.
  • Use class as the encrypted privileged EXEC password.
  • Encrypt all plaintext passwords.
  • Configure an appropriate banner.
  • Configure IPv4 and IPv6 addressing for the ______ switch according to the Addressing Table.
  • Configure IPv4 and IPv6 addressing for the ______ switch according to the Addressing Table.
  • The hosts are partially configured. Complete the IPv4 addressing, and fully configure the IPv6 addresses according to the Addressing Table.
  • Document interfaces with descriptions, including the ______ VLAN 1 interface.
  • Save your configurations.
  • Verify connectivity between all devices. All devices should be able to ping all other devices with IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Troubleshoot and document any issues.
  • Implement the solutions necessary to enable and verify full end-to-end connectivity.

Note: Click Check Results button to see your progress. Click the Reset Activity button to generate a new set of requirements.

Download PDF & PKA file:

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