15.1.4 Check Your Understanding – Application, Session, Presentation Answers

1. This layer of the OSI model is concerned with the protocols that exchange data between programs running on hosts.

  • application
  • transport
  • network
  • physical

Explanation: The application layer of the OSI model is the layer that is closest to the end user. It provides an interface between application protocols exchanging data between hosts.

2. MKV, GIF, and JPG standards are associated with which OSI layer?

  • application
  • presentation
  • session
  • transport

Explanation: The presentation layer is concerned with formatting and presenting data in a format that is compatible with the destination device. Examples of presentation layer standards are MKV, GIF, JPG, MOV, and PNG.

3. These three OSI layers define the same functions as the TCP/IP model application layer.

  • application
  • presentation
  • session
  • transport
  • network
  • data link

Explanation: The upper three OSI layers; application, presentation, and session, define the application layer functions of the TCP/IP model.

4. Which two are protocols that belong in the OSI application layer?

  • PNG
  • DNS
  • SMTP
  • QuickTime

Explanation: The application layer of the OSI model provides an interface between applications protocols exchanging data between hosts. Protocols at the application layer include DNS, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, and IMAP.

5. This is a function of the OSI session layer.

  • compress and decompress data
  • provide an interface between applications
  • format data for the application layer
  • exchange of information to initiate dialog between peers

Explanation: The session layer of the OSI model creates and maintains the dialogs, or sessions, between two communicating hosts.

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