3.3.6 Check Your Understanding – Protocol Suites Answers

1. UDP and TCP belong to which layer of the TCP/IP protocol?

  • application
  • transport
  • internet
  • network access

Explanation: TCP and UDP are both transport layer protocols.

2. Which two protocols belong in the TCP/IP model application layer?

  • DNS
  • OSPF
  • ICMP
  • DHCP

Explanation: DHCP and DNS are both application layer protocols.

3. Which protocol operates at the network access layer of the TCP/IP model?

  • HTTP
  • IP
  • DNS
  • Ethernet

Explanation: Ethernet is a network access layer protocol.

4. Which of the following are protocols that provide feedback from the destination host to the source host regarding errors in packet delivery? (Choose two.)

  • IPv4
  • TCP
  • ICMPv4
  • IPv6
  • UDP
  • ICMPv6

Explanation: ICMPv4 and ICMPv6 provide feedback when errors occur.

5. A device receives a data link frame with data and processes and removes the Ethernet information. What information would be the next to be processed by the receiving device?

  • HTTP at the application layer
  • HTML at the application layer
  • IP at the internet layer
  • UDP at the internet layer
  • TCP at the transport layer

Explanation: Data is de-encapsulated so the next layer to receive the data would be the internet layer.

6. Which services are provided by the internet layer of the TCP/IP protocol suite? (Choose three.)

  • File Transfer
  • Address Resolution
  • Routing Protocols
  • Messaging
  • Ethernet
  • Internet Protocol

Explanation: IP (Internet Protocol), ICMP (Messaging), and Routing Protocols are services provided at the Internet Layer.

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