5.3.6 Check Your Understanding – Evolution of STP Answers

1. Which three STP port states are merged into the RSTP discarding port state? (Choose three.)

  • disabled
  • blocking
  • listening
  • learning
  • forwarding

Explanation: The STP disabled, blocking, and listening states are all merged into the RSTP discarding state.

2. Which protocol was designed to bring faster convergence to STP?

  • PortFast
  • RSTP
  • PVST
  • MSTP

Explanation: RSTP is an evolution of STP that provides faster convergence than the original STP 802.1D specification.

3. Which technology solves the problem of a device being unable to get an IPv4 address from a DHCP server due to STP forwarding delay timers?

  • PortFast
  • BPUD guard
  • PVST
  • MSTP

Explanation: When enabled on a switch port, PortFast allows a port to transition from blocking to forwarding state immediately so that DHCP client requests are not delayed reaching the DHCP server.



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