Lab – Draw an Electric Schematic for Your Project (Answers) Lab – Draw an Electric Schematic for Your Project (Instructor Version)


  • Identify the components to use
  • Draw the circuit

Background / Scenario

Electronic schematics provide a way to visually represent a circuit before connecting all of the components. There are several common symbols available for representing various components. The diagram below shows a few of the common components. An electric schematic could be drawn by hand or by using various drawing packages.

Required Resources

  • Pencil and paper

Part 1: The Circuit and Its Function

The circuit to be drawn must be able to use a 5V battery to light up a red LED while a push button is held down.

a. On a piece of paper, draw an electric schematic to represent the circuit.

b. Label the components with names and values. Assume the red LED needs 1.8V and 20mA to operate. What is the value of the resistor? Why?Based on the ohms law, the resistor should be 160 ohms. V = R * I which leads to R = 1.8V / 20mA,yielding 160 ohms.

Part 2: Reflection

What is the purpose of the schematic for the circuit as opposed to just connecting things up?
The person connecting the circuit may not be the same person that designed it. By having a schematic it ismuch easier to wire up the circuit on the breadboard.

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