8.1.7 Check Your Understanding – IP Characteristics Answers

1. Which OSI layer sends segments to be encapsulated in an IPv4 or IPv6 packet?

  • data link layer
  • network layer
  • transport layer
  • session layer

Explanation: Transport layer PDUs, called segments, are encapsulated at the network layer by IPv4 and IPv6 into packets.

2. Which layer is responsible for taking an IP packet and preparing it for transmission over the communications medium?

  • physical layer
  • network layer
  • data link layer
  • transport layer

Explanation: The data link layer receives IP packets from the network layer and encapsulates them for transmission over the medium.

3. What is the term for splitting up an IP packet when forwarding it from one medium to another medium with a smaller MTU?

  • encapsulation
  • fragmentation
  • segmentation
  • serialization

Explanation: Fragmentation is the process of splitting up IP packets to travel over a medium with a smaller MTU.

4. Which delivery method does not guarantee that the packet will be delivered fully without errors?

  • connectionless
  • best effort
  • media independent

Explanation: Best effort delivery does not guarantee packets will be delivered to the destination.

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