13.3.1 Packet Tracer – Use ICMP to Test and Correct Network Connectivity (Instructions Answer)

13.3.1 Packet Tracer – Use ICMP to Test and Correct Network Connectivity Instructor Version

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13.3.1 Packet Tracer - Use ICMP to Test and Correct Network Connectivity

13.3.1 Packet Tracer – Use ICMP to Test and Correct Network Connectivity

Addressing Table

Device Interface Address Mask/Prefix Default Gateway
RTR-1 G/0/0/0 N/A
RTR-1 G/0/0/0 2001:db8:4::1 /64 N/A
RTR-1 S0/1/0 N/A
RTR-1 S0/1/0 2001:db8:2::2 /126 N/A
RTR-1 S0/1/1 N/A
RTR-1 S0/1/1 2001:db8:3::1 /126 N/A
RTR-2 G/0/0/0 N/A
RTR-2 G0/0/1 2001:db8:1::1 /64 N/A
RTR-2 S0/1/0 N/A
RTR-2 S0/1/0 2001:db8:2::1 /126 N/A
RTR-3 G0/0/0 N/A
RTR-3 G0/0/1 2001:db8:5::1 /64 N/A
RTR-3 S0/1/0 N/A
RTR-3 S0/1/0 2001:db8:3::2 /126 N/A
Laptop A NIC
PC-2 NIC 2001:db8:1::10 /64 fe80::1
PC-3 NIC 2001:db8:1::20 /64 fe80::1
Server 1 NIC
Laptop B NIC 2001:db8:5::10 /64 fe80::1
Laptop C NIC 2001:db8:5::20 /64 fe80::1
Corporate Server NIC
Corporate Server NIC 2001:db8:acad::100 /64 fe80::1


In this lab you will use ICMP to test network connectivity and locate network problems. You will also correct simple configuration issues and restore connectivity to the network.

  • Use ICMP to locate connectivity issues.
  • Configure network devices to correct connectivity issues.


Customers have been complaining that they can’t reach some network resources. You have been asked to test connectivity in the network. You use ICMP to find out which resources are unreachable and the locations from which they can’t be reached. Then, you use trace to locate the point at which network connectivity is broken. Finally, you fix the errors that you find to restore connectivity to the network.

Instructor Note: The focus of this activity is the user of ICMP to identify and locate network connectivity problems. Please encourage students to use ICMP rather than other methods, such as opening configurations, to systematically locate connectivity issues.


All hosts should have connectivity to all other hosts and the Corporate Server.

  • Wait until all link lights are green.
  • Select a host and use ICMP ping to determine which hosts are reachable from that host.
  • If a host is found to be unreachable, use ICMP trace to locate the general location of the network errors.
  • Locate the specific errors and correct them.

Connectivity Issues:
1. Server 1 is set to receive its IP address over DHCP. It should be statically configured with the correct IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.

2. Router RTR-3 interface G0/0/1 has been configured with the wrong IPv6 address. The address should be 2001:DB8:5::1/64 as shown in the addressing table.

config terminal
interface g0/0/1
ipv6 address 2001:DB8:5::1/64

3. Note: The G0/0/1 interface may need to be shut down and brought back up in order for the new route to take effect. The old route may still show up in the routing table as well.
4. PC-4 is configured with the wrong default gateway address. It should be as shown in the addressing table.

Download Packet Tracer (.pka) file:

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IT trainee
IT trainee
7 months ago

I spent longer on the lab than needed because PT was still giving me error messages when executing traceroute and pings when I had it all correct ? I have 100% completion what gives.

Skinny Weiner
Skinny Weiner
1 year ago

I can’t with this Bull chet

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