Lab – Use Device Manager Instruction Answers – ITE v7.0

Lab – Use Device Manager


In this lab, you will open Device Manager to display devices listed on your computer. You will also display the monitor settings.

Recommended Equipment

  • A computer running Windows


Step 1: Open Device Manager

a. Log on to the computer as an administrator.

b. Click Control Panel. In the Small icons view, select Device Manager.


What information is listed in the Device Manager window? Why would you use it?

Browse through the menus displayed at the top of the Device Manager window. Ho would you install driver software for an older device that may not be automatically recognized by the Windows operating system?

Step 2: Display the monitor settings on your computer.

As an administrator, there are times when you will need to resolve hardware issues on a computer. Device Manager makes it easy to locate and install new drivers for your devices. You will use Device Manager to review the device driver information for your computer’s monitor and to review driver options available to you.

Note: Check with your instructor before making any device changes on the computer.

a. Click the arrow to the left of Monitors.

b. Right-click the device, Generic Non-PnP Monitor in the example, and select Properties from the dropdown menu.

c. In the Generic Non-PnP Monitor Properties window, select the Driver tab. This window displays the software driver information that is currently installed for this monitor.


What additional information does Driver Details provide?

d. Click Update Driver.


What two options do you have for updating the driver?

e. From the Update Driver Software window, click Cancel to return to the Monitor Properties window.


What does the Roll Back Driver button do? The Roll Back Driver can be grayed out on your computer, why would it be grayed out?

What are the other available options?

f. Close all open windows.

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