IT Essentials 7.0 Chapter 10 – 14 Skills Assessment Exam Answers

IT Essentials 7.0 & 8.0 Chapter 10 – 14 Skills Assessment Answers ITE 7.0 ITE 7.02 ITE 8.0

Chapter 10 – 14 Skills Assessment Answers Full 100%

IT Essentials v7 & v8.0 220-1002 Skills Assessment (Instructor Version)

Instructor Note: Red font color or gray highlights indicate text that appears in the Instructor copy only.

Background / Scenario

The students are provided with an administrative account.

Configuration Item Specification
User name: ITEadmin
Password: Skills@ssessment
Account Type: Administrator

Required Resources

  • A Windows computer per student / group witha network connection to a classroom LAN
  • A partner on the same network with a Windows computer for remote desktop access
  • A Linux computer controlled by the Instructor for the classroom that all the students can connect to: It can be a VM or a standalone.

This SA was designed with flexibility in mind. Depending on the needs of the classroom, you can choose the numbers of tasks or the order of the tasks that will be performed in this SA.

Tasks 1 – 4 can be performed without local LAN access.

Required Resources from Instructor for Task 5

  • A standalone Linux computer or VM with network connection with the classroom lab computers (Task 5)
  • Classroom LAN

Task 1: File System Management

Step 1: Create a System Restore Point

Lab – System Restore in Windows

Create a restore point on C: using the following specifications:

Configuration Item Specification Points
Restore point name: SA Restore Point – (your initials) 10

Answer: Click Control Panel > System > System protection > Create. To look for the Restore point, click Control Panel > System > System protection > System Restore… > Next and verify that the student’s restore point is listed.

Step 2: Create a new partition

Lab – Create a Partition in Windows

Configuration Item Specification Points
Shrink the C: partition to create a new partition of at least 2GB 5
Drive letter for the new partition H: 5
Volume label for the new partition ITE_SA 5
File System NTFS 5

Answer: Verify that the student has created a second partition with at least 2GB of space.

Step 3: Create Directories Using CLI

Lab – Common Windows CLI Commands

Create the directories using CLI. Record the commands used to create the folders.

Directory Names CLI Points
C:\Users\ITEadmin\BitLocker_Key 5
H:\Course 5
H:\Staff 5
H:\Backup 5
Directory Names CLI Verification
C:\Users\ITEadmin\BitLocker_Key md C:\Users\ITEadmin\BitLocker_Key or

mkdir C:\Users\ITEadmin\BitLocker_Key

C:\Users\ITEadmin> dir
H:\Course md H:\Course or

md H:\Course H:\Staff

C:\Users\ITEadmin> dir H:
H:\Staff mkdir H:\Staff or

md H:\Course H:\Staff

C:\Users\ITEadmin> dir H:
C:\Users\ITEadmin\Backup mkdir C:\Users\ITEadmin\Backup or

md C:\Users\ITEadmin\Backup

C:\Users\ITEadmin> dir
Step 4: Enable Bitlocker on H: drive

Lab – Enable BitLocker

Enable BitLocker on H: drive. Record the key

BitLocker Key Points
Enable BitLocker on H: drive.

Use Skills@ssessment as the password.
Save the key in a file in the C:\Users\ITEadmin\BitLocker_Key.


Instructor Sign Off Task 1: ________________

Points: ________________ of 60

Task 2: Local Users and Groups

Lab – Configure Users and Groups in Windows

Create more local user accounts with different level of privileges and local account policies.

  • Student01 – A standard user account with only read permission for H:\Course and belong to ITEStudent group.
  • Staff01 – An administrative user account with all the permissions for H:\Course, H:\Staff, and H:\Backup. Staff01 belongs to the ITEStaff group.
  • ITEadmin belongs ITEStaff group.
  • ITEStaff group: Members have full control permission to H:\Staff, H:\Course, and H:\Backup
  • ITEStudent group: Members only have read permission to the H:\Course.
Step 1: Create Local Groups and Permission
Local Group Permission Points
ITEStudent Read-only permission to H:\Course

No access to C:\Users\ITEadmin\Backup and H:\Staff

ITEStaff Full control permission to H:\Course, C:\Users\ITEadmin\Backup, and H:\Staff 10

Answer: Verify the user account creation in Control Panel > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Groups.

Verify the folder permission for H:\Course, H:\Staff and H:\Backup

Step 2: Create Local Users and Assign Groups
Local User Permission Points
Student01 Standard user

Password: Student01pass
Belongs to ITEStudent group

Staff01 Administrator

Password: Staff01pass
Belongs to ITEStaff group

ITEadmin Belongs to ITEStaff group 5

Answer: Verify the user account creation in Control Panel > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Users.

Share the H:\Course folder using the following specifications:

Configuration Item Specification Points
Folder name SA Share 1
User share ITEadmin 1
Permission level Full Control 1

Answer: The H:\Course is name SA Share. Then right-click the folder and select Properties. Click the Sharing tab and then click the Share button. Verify that the user ITEadmin is listed and has a permission level of Owner.

Instructor Sign Off Task 2: ________________________
Points: ________________________ of 48

Task 3: Windows Security

Lab – Check for Updates in Windows

Lab – Configure Windows Local Security Policy

Lab – Configure the Firewall in Windows

Step 1: Windows Update

Configure Windows Update settings with the following specifications in Windows 10:

Configuration Item Specification Points
Updates installed Choose the option that it is ready for widespread use in organizations. 5
Update notifications Receive a notification when PC requires a restart to finish updating 5

Answer: Click Start > search PC Settings > click Update & Security > click Advanced options > Security and Maintenance > Change settings. Verify that the above parameters have been selected.

Configure Windows Update settings with the following specifications in Windows 8.1 and 7:

Configuration Item Specification Points
Important updates Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them 5
Recommended updates Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates 5

Answer: Click Control Panel > Windows Update > Change settings. Verify that the above parameters have been selected.

Step 2: Password Policy

Use the Windows Local Security Policy tool to configure the following security policy settings:

Configuration Item Specification Points
Password Policy Enforce password history: 3 passwords remembered

Maximum password age: 90 days
Minimum password length: 8 characters
Password must meet complexity requirements: Enabled

Account Lockout Policies Account lockout duration: 5 minutes

Account lockout threshold: 5 invalid login attempts
Reset account lockout counter after: 5 minutes

Audit Policy Audit account logon events: Success, Failure

Audit logon events: Success, Failure


Answer: Click Search, then enter secpol.msc to access the Security Policy tool. Verify that the above parameters have been selected.

Step 3: Firewall Configurations

Allow Remote Desktop in private network using Firewall configurations.

Configuration Item Specifications Points
Windows Firewall Allow Remote Desktop in private network 3

Answer: Click Control Panel > click Windows Firewall or Windows Defender Firewall > click Allow an app or feature through Windows (Defender) Firewall > check Remote Desktop for the private network.

Instructor Sign Off Task 3: _____________________

Points: _____________________ of 32

Task 4: Administrative Tasks

Lab – Configure Data Backup and Recovery in Windows

Lab – Task Scheduler in Windows

Lab – Basic Scripting

Step 1: Data backup and recovery

Configure an available partition for backup and recovery with File History.

Configuration Specifications Points
File History Use the default settings

Configure a shared location assigned by the Answer

Step 2: Run a Windows script as a scheduled task
Configuration Specifications Points
Copy the provided text into a file

Save the file in H:\Staff as a script that can be run

@echo off

echo copy the content of H:\Course to C:\Users\ITEadmin\Backup
copy H:\Course C:\Users\ITEadmin\Backup
echo copy the content of H:\Staff to C:\Users\ITEadmin\Backup
copy H:\Staff C:\Users\ITEadmin\Backup

Run the script Hint: View hidden file extension 2
Create a basic scheduled task TaskName: Staff and Course Backup

This task will run the script daily
Fix the script so it does not require any user intervention


Instructor Sign Off Task 4: _____________________

Points: _____________________ of 15

Task 5: Remote Access

Lab – Work with Linux Command Line

Lab – Remote Desktop in Windows

Students should work in pair to configure remote access.

Configuration Specification Points
Allow remote desktop 2
Determine the IP address of both computers 2
Only allow ITEadmin to log on remotely 2
Log into the remote machine and install PuTTY on the remote PC Answer can provide the necessary file to install PuTTY or other program that supports SSH 2
SSH into a Linux machine with SSH enabled Answer will provide the IP address and user credentials to log on 2
Create a text file in the student’s home directory 2

Instructor Sign Off Task 5: _______________________

Points: _______________________ of 12

Task 6: Clean up

As you undo your configuration in the lab environment, document the steps that were necessary to restore the lab environment back to the original state.

Task Specifications Points
Run System Restore
Remove Scheduled Task
Remove folders from C:\User\ITEadmin
Remove the new volume and extend C: to include the volume
Remove created users and groups
Restore the password and audit policy
Verify remote desktop has been disallowed

Instructor Sign Off Task 6: _________________

Points: _________________ of 20

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