10.1.4 Check Your Understanding – DHCP Answers

1. What information does DHCPv4 provide to network clients? (Choose three.)

  • host address
  • MAC address
  • DHCP version number
  • subnet mask
  • default gateway address

Explanation: DHCP provides host and default gateway IP addresses and the subnet mask to the client.

2. True or false. DHCP can lease addresses to hosts for different periods of time.

  • True
  • False

Explanation: This is true. DHCP servers can be set to allow hosts to “lease” their IP addresses for a period of time before the hosts need to request new addressing.

3. In large networks, static IPv4 addresses are usually assigned to which devices? (Choose two.)

  • personal computers
  • phones and tablets
  • gateway routers
  • printers
  • laptops

Explanation: Static IP addresses are usually assigned to devices that must consistently use the same address. These devices are gateway routers and printers, among others.

4. Which DHCP message is sent from a client when the client starts up and requires an IP address?


Explanation: When a client that needs an IP address first starts up, it sends a DHCPDISCOVER message on the network.

5. When client sends a DHCPDISCOVER message, how is the message sent?

  • It is broadcast on the local network.
  • It is sent as a unicast directly to the DHCP server.
  • It is multicast to multiple DHCP servers if they are available.
  • It is sent to closest router directly.

Explanation: DHCPDISCOVER messages are sent as broadcasts. This is because a hosts that need IP addresses have no way of knowing what the IP address of the DHCP server is initially.

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