Lab – Diagnostic Software (Answers) Lab – Diagnostic Software (Answers)

Use the Internet, a newspaper, or a local store to gather information about a hard drive diagnostic program.
Be prepared to discuss the diagnostic software you researched.

a. Based on your research, list at least two different hard drive manufacturers.
Answers may vary. Examples – Western Digital, Seagate

b. Based on your research, choose a hard drive manufacturer. Does this manufacturer offer hard drive diagnostic software to go with their products? If so, list the name and the features of the diagnostic software.
Answers may vary. Example answers below.
Manufacturer: Western Digital
Software Name: Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows
File Name: WinDlg_v1_28.zip
File Size: 951 KB
Version: Version 1.28
Publish Date: Jan. 2015
Description: This is a Windows version of the Data LifeGuard Diagnostics. It will test WD internal and external drives. It can also provide you with the model and serial number of WD drives attached to the system.

c. Why do manufacturers offer hard drive diagnostic software? What are the potential benefits of doing so to the manufacturer and/or customer?
Answers may vary.
Manufacturers offer hard drive diagnostic software so that consumers are able to find out if a hard drive is malfunctioning.
A potential benefit for a manufacturer is that they will not receive as many returned drives from consumers that do not have problems.
A potential benefit for a consumer is that the consumer can find out quickly if a drive is malfunctioning and return it to the manufacturer, or rule out the possibility of a malfunctioning hard drive.

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