Lab – Check for Updates in Windows 8 (Answers) Lab – Check for Updates in Windows 8 (Answers)


In this lab, you will configure the operating system so you can select which updates are installed and then change the settings so updates are downloaded and installed automatically.

The following equipment is required for this exercise:

  • A computer with a new installation of Windows 8

Step 1: Check for updates on your computer.

a. Boot the computer. Navigate to the Change Settings window by clicking Control Panel > Windows Update > Change settings.

b. In the Important updates drop-down menu, select Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.

c. Click OK.

Step 2: Select updates to apply, and install the updates.

a. In the Windows Update window, click the link that shows how many updates have been downloaded.

Example: 2 important updates are available.

Note: If no important updates are shown, click Check for updates.

b. The Select updates to install window opens. Place a check mark next to the important and optional updates to be installed, and then click Install.

Note: Before selecting which updates to be installed, ask the instructor for permission to install the updates.

c. The Windows Update window reappears and provides the progress status of the update operation.

d. The Windows update window will notify you when all updates have been downloaded and installed.

Note: A Restart now button may appear to the right of the updates were installed message. If you see this message, it is necessary to reboot the computer in order to apply some operating system updates. If you see this button, click Restart now.

Step 3: Open the Windows Update utility program. (Optional)

If you rebooted your computer, re-open the Windows Update window by clicking Control Panel >Windows update.

Step 4: Change the Windows Updates to install updates automatically.

a. In the Windows Update window, click Change settings.

b. In the Change settings window, select Install updates automatically (recommended) from the Important updates drop-down menu.

c. Click OK to accept the change.

d. Close all open windows.


Why does Microsoft recommend selecting the setting to install updates automatically?

Answers will vary. Windows provides updates to resolve operating system or application problems. Important updates indicate that the fix could be critical to the operation of the computer. By setting Windows to install important updates automatically, these problems will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Download Lab – Check for Updates in Windows 8 .PDF file:

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