Lab – Document Customer Information in a Work Order Instruction

Lab – Document Customer Information in a Work Order


As a help desk technician, it is your job to gather data from the customer to begin the troubleshooting process. As a Level 1 technician, you do not have administrative rights to the customer’s computer. Issues that require administrative rights must be escalated to a Level 2 technician. Use the Customer Information sheet on page 2 or one provided by your Instructor to document the customer’s problem in the work order below. Assign a case number of your choice and set the Priority as a P2 (Significant Issue). Describe the problem and recommend a solution.

Work Order

Student Technician Sheet

Company Name:      _______________________________________________

Contact:                     _______________________________________________

Company Address:  _______________________________________________

Company Phone:     _______________________________________________

Generating a New Ticket

Category: _______________ Status: ______________  Escalated: _____________

Business Impacting?        (Yes / No)           Yes

Summary ________________________________________________________

Case ID#:_______________________  Priority ___________________________

User Platform: _____________________________________________________

Problem Description:

Problem Solution:

Customer Information

Use the contact information and problem description below to report the following information to a level-one technician:

Contact Information

Company Name:        Organization of Associated Chartered Federations, Inc.
Contact:                       Braxton Jones
Note: Braxton contributes significantly to the organization’s daily operations.
Company Address:   123 E. Main Street
Company Phone:      480-555-1234
Category:                    Security

Problem Description

I am not able to login. I was able to login yesterday and all days previously. I tried to login with a different computer but was unsuccessful there also. I received an email last week about changing my password, but I have not changed my password yet.

Additional Information

  • Windows 7

Download PDF file:

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